What is electrolysis?

Electrolysis is permanent removal of individual hairs. The procedure involves a fine wire probe hooked up to an Electrolysis Machine. The probe is then inserted into the hair follicle to come in contact with the root. A tiny burst of current is passed through the probe, which destroys the hair. Both root and hair are then removed with a tweezers and are gone forever! Most patients report waxing and tweezing to cause more discomfort than electrolysis treatments.

For over 135 years, electrolysis has been and remains the only 100% permanent hair removal method recognized by the FDA.

What causes unwanted hair?

For many the answer is simple: heredity. Other reasons are hormonal imbalances, side effects from certain medications, or normal hormonal changes at different stages of life such as puberty, pregnancies and menopause. Even stress can trigger normal fine hair to grow in as coarse, more noticeable dark hair.

What equipment is used today?

Apilus® offers advanced technology that delivers more effective and more comfortable treatments as well as much more rapid permanent results than any other hair
removal technique. It is used in thousands of treatment centers around the world and has pinpoint precision settings and controls to achieve the permanent results that you are looking for.

The IB (Insulated Bulbous) Probe takes electrolysis to its most advanced and efficient state. It is a safer and more effective method. Physically different from the standard needle, the probe, with its rounded bulb tip bounces off skin, and can be inserted into the follicle only. The only part of the probe, which is uninsulated, is the tip. This allows all of the current to go directly to the root, avoiding any damage to the surrounding skin. Because of its flexibility, the probe can also successfully treat all distorted hairs.

All IB probes are individually wrapped, sterile and disposable.

How long will it take?

Results are not instantaneous. Each hair goes through three stages of a natural life cycle: active (growing stage), transitional and dormant (resting stages). It is important for you to know that only the hair in the active-growing stages can be permanently removed. Considering that at all times, on any area, roughly 50% of the hair is active and 50% is either transitional or dormant, certain procedures such as shaving the area prior to treatment have been developed to eliminate the untreatable resting hairs. These hairs will eventually be treated when they naturally cycle through to the active stage.

Along with the natural growth of hair, other factors determine the length and number of treatments required, such as the amount of follicles in one area, the sensitivity of the skin, the particular area to be treated, and also previous methods of hair removal. The best way to get a good time estimate is to come in for a consultation.

What if I have been tweezing or waxing?

These methods may strengthen the hair root, resulting in darker and thicker regrowth and sometimes ingrown hairs. All hairs that have been forcibly removed will regrow within an eight to thirteen week period. You can begin treatment on the visible hairs, and will be treated periodically during this time to remove the returning hairs.

What if I have been cutting or shaving?

These methods do nothing to coarsen hair, or to make hair grow faster. But they do make it appear more coarse. Why this happens is simple. When the natural tapered tip of the hair is snipped off at the skin surface what is left is the thicker middle part of the hair. If discontinued, the natural growth and shedding cycle will eventually grow another tapered hair identical to the first.

How do I start?

Since everyone is unique, it is a requirement that we schedule a personal consultation for you to discuss beginning treatment. At this time all procedures will be explained completely, a brief medical history will be taken, and you will be advised of how long and how many treatments will be needed to complete your care. Your consultation usually lasts about 15-30 minutes.

Unwanted facial hair and body hair can be emotionally and cosmetically disturbing. If you have ever removed a hair yourself, or thought about having professional treatment, you owe it to yourself to call Expert Electrolysis.


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